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During times of stress and panic, cultivating physical strength and inner calm is vital to your health. 

So what are you waiting for?

We are looking for 5 people who are ready to transform their lives with our 21 Day At-Home challenge.

Spaces are LIMITED!


who are we looking for?

You do not need to be in good shape to start. This program is customized for you to start exactly where you are today. Think you might be a good fit?

  • Are you able to work out at least three times per week?


  • Are you willing to track your progress?


  • Are you able to commit to living healthy for three weeks?​


  • ​Do you have the discipline to follow a nutrition program?​


  • Are you ready to cultivate a growth mindset in all areas of your life?


  • Do you want it bad enough? We have the tools and accountability you need to succeed, but you have to do the work! We can't want it more than you do.

Getting started is easy!

1 — Call

Book your free call so we can learn more about you and your goals and answer any questions.

2 — Plan

Work with a remote coaching expert to create your custom at-home plan. 

3 — Transform

See results! Your coach will continuously adjust your plan as you grow and succeed.



I love these workouts strictly from a convenience level. I am more motivated than I have ever been because of how fun and challenging the workouts are. I am in much better shape in both appearance and performance. People have noticed that I have lost weight! The accountability the coaches have been providing has helped a ton too. Getting those texts in the morning helped to spark motivation and has really helped in keeping me going. Overall, this has been a fantastic experience. 



This program has definitely served as a good motivator and accountability factor. I know without some kind of programming I'd be doing some running or nothing at all. I feel like my endurance has increased s a result of the workouts and I'm seeing some shoulder gains. The various workouts from day to day provide excitement and new challenges. I'm so glad I joined when I did and I definitely feel the family atmosphere even from a distance.


This has been an amazing experience. I have gained a new motivation that I previously hadn't had and it's all thanks to the coaches. Having that accountability directly and knowing that someone is going to notice if I don't "show up" for the workout really put me in gear. After a little over a week of the workouts, I found myself not really needing that little nudge anymore because I had more self-motivation. I've started feeling better, having more energy, and am just excited about getting healthy. I have started to notice some changes in the way my clothes fit and the overall tone of my body! I am thankful to have coaches that have pushed me to continue to show up every single day. it's exactly what I needed!!!



Working out at home is tough and I was super nervous, but having programming and more important accountability and coaching has helped the most! Having someone checking on you, customizing the workout for your fitness level, and encouraging you to do things even when you don't want to or are nervous to do something is what I love the most. Thank you for making me feel like I matter.


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tres & Erin

Tres and Erin have been a part of the North Jefferson Community for their entire lives. Tres discovered CrossFit seven years ago and it changed his life. He saw what accountability and personal coaching can do for someone first hand. Erin has been coaching CrossFit for three years and is passionate about helping people understand what foods best fuel their bodies for their lifestyle. Together they opened up CrossFit WOTOWN with the mindset of serving people through fitness, creating a family-like community, and having fun in the process.


Now they want to take the WOTOWN WAY to the world. Tres and Erin lead a team of highly qualified coaches who use a variety of approaches to connect with individual clients on a deeply personal level. Our goal is to help you achieve yours, one step at a time!

crossfit Wotown 

9916 Highway 31

Warrior, AL 35180

Email: info@wotown.fit

Phone: 205.289.4103

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