What i discovered while hiking in utah

There is life to be lived and Your fitness is the vehicle to get you there!

I was on a 3 mile hike in Utah today and had a ton of time to think while we were hiking. By a ton of time I mean 3 hours...the hike was up a mountain!

That’s me sitting on the arch. You have to zoom in to see me. Do you know what I realized while I was hiking? My fitness was the reason I was getting to experience this awesome view. Several people were not able to do the hike and had to turn around...I began to think, “me seven years ago would not be able to do this”. There were moments where I was tired but I knew I could get there...because I had been training for this for seven years and didn’t realize it I tell people al the time they need to have a “why” for why they are working out at WOTOWN. My why is simple: I want to experience all of life I can with my wife and daughter...so I work out. Without a level of fitness I would not have been able to experience this awesome part of life today with my wife, celebrating five years of marriage.

Train at WOTOWN and live life outside of the gym.

Whether you are a founding member, previous member, or someone who is interested in making a life change...it’s time to live your life. Attach your training in the gym to how you live your everyday life. Some of you need fitness for your line of work, others to play with your kids in the yard, and some of you, like myself, need fitness to do things you never thought you would be doing with your life (like hiking a mountain in Utah). Your work in the gym is the vehicle for living your life!

All the best,



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