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By: Tres Kennedy, Owner of CrossFit WOTOWNPeople come to us all the time to provide a solution for their health and fitness goals. As we spend time with people we develop some incredible relationships with one another. It is fairly common to hear small talk between members and coaches after workouts where we learn about life outside the gym. We hear things like, "Oh you're going on a trip, I want to go on a trip, who did you use to book it?" or a more popular one, "I'm goin on a date with my spouse, do you have any recommendations of somewhere new and good?"Being a local business in a small town we try to show love to other small town businesses...but not just any small town business. We want to refer people to the most professional and trustworthy businesses that will provide the service requested. We thought we would share some local trustworthy businesses that will provide top notch services.Here is who we recommend:

Home Remodel:Redwood Design Co. - Jacob does incredible custom woodworking (he made some sweet pieces for our gym) as well as home remodels.

Photography:CJSHAVER Photo - honestly we don’t know of anyone better in the space. Caleb and Jeri provide are incredibly easy to work with and create some of the most beautiful memories. Not only are they incredibly talented but their turnaround time is way above the industry standard.

Plumbing:Magnolia Plumbing - while the company itself may be brand spanking new, the name behind the company is not new to the plumbing space. Colby is a Master Plumber with a heart for the North Jefferson Community. His number one priority is his customers and his plumbing work is unmatched,

Coffee:Okay, okay, we are coffee lovers and had to share two local coffee shops that we absolutely love. Can you believe our area has two incredible shops?!

Karl’s Kofee / Makers Coffee - whether you are in Warrior or Morris, both of these shops are the places to go for coffee, No longer do you have to rely on a donut shop or a green mermaid to provide you the caffeine boost you are looking for. Both shops provide the highest quality coffee around, friendly staff, and cozy place to work or meet with friends.

Do you have a small business around our area? We would love to hear about it and try it out.

Email us at info@wotown.fit and tell us about your business.


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