One Year Ago We Closed Our Doors

This last year has seemed like ten years. Every day something new was happening, something we as gym owners didn’t know was even possible.

Never in a million years when we were running “what if” scenarios about opening up a gym did the scenario “Global Pandemic” cross our minds. But last year on March 18th, we made the decision to close our doors. It all happened so fast and I am thankful that we had a plan in place. We successfully pivoted to online coaching (like for real texting everyday for two months), hosting Zoom workouts and game nights, and reaching out to industry leaders to provide valuable insights into life at home.

At the time, we were terrified. We had seen so much happen so fast in our gym since opening in October of 2019, Erin had just talked to her boss at work about going part time and had just started her new part time schedule. We had no idea what to expect. Would everyone leave the gym? Would we be able to open again? Would we be able to pay the bills? What about our members? Could we coach them online and keep them in a headspace to work out? What about their jobs? It was a lot. Every day we learned something new. I was told by my business mentor that every day that we survived would give us two years worth of experience. We were encouraged that only strong leaders would come out of this “trial by fire”. It sounds good now…but in the moment that was the last thing we wanted to hear.

I have spent the last week reflecting on this last year and one word keeps coming to mind and I feel like it’s worth sharing. So what did we learn?


As in control as you think you may be and as much as you are trying to pursue some sort of normalcy for your life or for your family…there will be something that throws that out of whack. Having the strength and courage to adapt is the assurance needed to know that you will make it through the unexpected.

A particular place that I know our small town needs to adapt in is health and fitness.

This pandemic has taught us that exercise and nutrition is of utmost importance for people to withstand another global pandemic. As humans we must learn how to adapt and prioritize time and resources to our health and wellness...not just our own but our entire family. This means we must adapt our time with work, hobbies, extracurricular commitments, spending habits, and food preferences to take control of our health.

I know that we can do these things. We spent the entire last year adapting. We learned how to work from home, how to do school from home (for the most part), and how to be on conference calls while keeping kid's from killing each other. All of these things required us getting out of our comfort zones and routines and creating new normals. This is exactly what we need to be open to doing when it comes to our overall health. We have to adapt our schedules to find an hour (2-4) times a week to exercise. We have to try new foods and vegetables that we didn't like as kids. We have to sacrifice the convenience of fast food in order to meal prep nutritious meals that will fuel our bodies properly.

I know we can all do it. 2020 taught us that if we adapt we can create new normals. What does your new normal for health and fitness look like?

If you don't know, I would love to talk to you. You can book a No Sweat Intro with me to discuss what you desire your health to look like and put together a plan that works for your lifestyle - it may be personal training, it may be our nutrition program, it may be online coaching, or group classes. Click here to book and let's talk.


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