Nutrition Matters! Dump Fad Diets and Create Healthy Habits That Are Sustainable For Life

My love for nutrition really sparked in nursing school. I was so intrigued by what food could do (and not do) for our body. I had not always had the healthiest diet especially growing up playing sports, we were on the go a lot and so we just ate what we came across on the road. I was really pushed to more curiosity about food with some personal health struggles of my own. I was diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) in college and then Hoshimoto’s thyroiditis (causes hypothyroidism) when my twins turned one. These two things have led me to a lot of reading/researching over the years and constantly trying to dial in my nutrition. You name it, I’ve probably tried it. As you can imagine, lack of hormones and a tanking thyroid make weight loss or even maintaining a weight a real feat at times. I found myself at a breaking point last December when I joined WOTOWN. I told Erin and Tres “This is my last resort. If this doesn’t work I give up”. (I promise since then I have apologized for my negative nancy self and told them a trillion times how thankful I am they opened Wotown!). I was tired and tired of being tired. I had gotten some post baby weight off but I was stuck. I couldn’t build muscle and I wasn’t burning fat. But most of all… I honestly just felt terrible. I wasn’t my “biggest or my smallest” but I just wasn’t comfortable and I went to bed exhausted and woke up exhausted. I didn’t have the time to devote to creating a workout plan or meal strategy. I had no mental space for anything other than survival. I thought I was eating healthy because I was cooking a clean meal most nights but I quickly found I was lost in raising two littles and my breakfast was usually a cup of coffee warmed up 17 times with an occasional piece of cheese toast or scrambled egg and lunch was a bite of the kids left over PB&J with a handful of goldfish. Some nights, I finished the day with a cookie(s) because “I deserved it”. Much to my dismay this was not helping the chronic fatigue. For me personally, survival sometimes resorts in just grazing what’s in front of me aimlessly and never really eating a full meal. I knew over eating wasn’t the answer, but never realized under eating wasn’t either (that’s the part where I didn’t use my nursing knowledge..). Over the years despite different tweaks to my lifestyle or diet I’ve always came back to and settled on one thing: whole foods. It was the circle in the middle of my diet diagram that never really changed, I tried drawing bubbles out beside it (paleo, low carb, several fad alternating day diets) but whole foods remained my stable factor. I knew the quality of food I was consistently putting in my body mattered. At one point I may or may not have been a little over board and even thought to myself “I’ve turned into an ingredients Nazi”, luckily ice cream called my name and I ended that perfectionism mindset. I finally once and for all settled in on a healthy mindset of just whole foods and sustainability after I did my first Nutrition Sprint at WOTOWN in January. I went 6 weeks without weighing on a scale and focused on my nutrition, how I felt and how I was performing in work outs, which by the way, was much better when I was putting enough fuel in the tank. I even ate some carbs I would have never touched and still saw results! Macros encouraged me to think outside of the box I had put myself in. The inBody scanner is now my forever best friend because it tells me what the scale doesn’t. After my first maintenance round I remember spilling my story to Tres as I walked through the door about how I was eating all the healthy things, getting my protein in… “but you know I did eat some sushi and ice cream on a date night I just enjoyed the night but it wasn’t a regular thing…” and was pre-apologizing for the let down that my weight had gone back up a few pounds. The result shocked me..I saw 4.5 lbs of muscle gain and had lost another 1% of body fat. I was eating whole foods with an occasional treat and I had honestly never felt more in my groove. I was enjoying workouts and enjoying food… I wasn’t “missing out” on anything for once. It felt surreal and like I had hit a new stride. I found a sustainable way to life and not just another fix. I want to live the longest fullest life I can and I’m so thankful for a gym that has given me the tools to create a healthy mindset and relationship with food and exercise!

Michelle saw major results and sparked a new found love and passion for nutrition. She has since went on to get nutrition certifications and is now helping other people with their nutrition struggles.

You may not need a fitness coach, you may need a nutrition coach - someone who can coach you up on what’s best for your body, season of life, and schedule. Someone who can check in with you and provide the coaching needed to help you create healthy eating habits. You can book a consultation with Michelle and start your nutrition journey today!

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