Meal Planning and recipe binders

When it comes to your nutrition one of the easiest steps you can take to choosing healthy options is to prepare yourself for success. Plan out your meals, plan out your snacks, keeping the environment around you supportive to meet your goals.

Let’s break this down, first of all what is meal planning? Meal planning is a strategy that we can use to come up with how we will tackle the week ahead when it concerns how, when and where we will be eating. This can be as simple as writing down dinners for the week or as detailed as having a Meal Planning sheet and writing out your Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and even your snacks in between meals. One of the first things that we do when creating a meal plan is looking at what all our week holds. What do our mornings look like? Are they busy or do we have time to cook breakfast and sit down to enjoy it? Will my lunches be at home or at work? Do we have nights where we will be home for the evening with enough time to cook dinner or do the kids have some sort of activity that we will be out late at? Once we look at all these things then we can better prepare for the week ahead. If my mornings are hectic with no time to cook breakfast then maybe I choose to prepare overnight oats for the week. If we will be out late one evening I may choose a crockpot meal to prepare that morning.

So why would this be helpful or important in my strive for better nutrition? Basically in creating this Meal Plan I am setting myself up for success. I am taking the guesswork out of what to eat because I will already have it planned out. I am also making healthy and nutritious foods more readily available and convenient to choose. As the old saying goes “when we fail to plan we plan to fail.” We live in a world today that is fast paced and convenience is key, don’t believe me? Take a look around as you drive down the many Drive-Thrus do you see? If we create a supportive environment around us that helps us choose healthy options then we really are setting ourselves up to reach our goals of healthier habits.

Now that we’ve discussed what a Meal Plan is and why it is important, let's talk about how to develop a Meal Plan on your own. A few of our favorite or most convenient ways to make our family Meal Plan is to create a Favorite Recipe Binder or Recipe Notecards. Having a place to keep your favorite recipes on hand and easy to filter through will make it way easier when developing your plan.

Let’s make this our goal for the week coming up, sit down and talk about what your week coming up looks like, decide on your meals and snacks, make your grocery list based off of the things that you will need and maybe even prepare some of the meals and snacks at the beginning of the week so that they are ready to grab! I hope this helps you on your nutrition journey, if you would like any one on one Nutrition Coaching use the link below to schedule a Nutrition Intro!


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