Kids That Love Fitness Turn Into Adults Who Love Fitness

We've spent the last week talking about our mission of leading 1,000 families in the North Jefferson area to a healthy life. The way we are doing that is by forming a team of expert coaches to focus on measurable results. That is why we went out and hired Coach Shelby. She was born and raised in the area, played high school and college softball in our area, and now teaches at a local elementary school. She loves this area as much as we do.

It was a no brainer when she approached us about leading our WOTOWN KIDS program. Here's what she told us:Two of my biggest passions in life are children and exercise. Working with children at WOTOWN gives me the opportunity to influence kids in a way that teaches them that exercising is fun! My goal is to create an atmosphere where our children feel safe, loved, and confident enough to do or try anything. I believe that teaching children to love and enjoy exercising will turn them into adults that care about their health and well-being.We do not have coaches that fill roles, we hire coaches who are passionate about leading families to healthy lives.


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