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Grace is hard when it comes to health journeys. The truth is we are all in different stretches of our journeys and some of us are at a different pace. Some stretches of learning and growing in your nutrition move fast and some stretches move slow. I know personally I’ve been at my health and nutrition journey for about ten years now. Some days I still feel like maybe I’m not moving but then I think back to routine double gravy biscuits at Jack’s with a large sweet tea, trays of brownies and pots of coffee (with alllllllll the creamer) in college and I remember just how far I truly have come. I didn’t swap out my creamer with a splash of coffee overnight (or my sweet tea, man I loved sweet tea.. “liquid gold” as I called it). I also didn’t learn to eat whole foods overnight. It took years to slowly learn how to cook, what to cook and what to eat. It then took me a few more years to learn the balance of eating healthy, exercising because my body was capable (and not as a punishment for what I ate) and enjoying things like birthday cake without the guilt. And the truth is.. I’m still learning!

I think the biggest challenge we face when it comes to overall health and nutrition is setting our mindset to overall health and nutrition. Instead we often use nutrition and exercise as a quick fix to reach goals and then forget those habits once we reach our goal. Unfortunately, we usually find ourselves picking back up exercise and nutrition a few months later when we are back at square one. Fad diets and new supplements come at us in a million different directions daily and the temptation to lose weight quick, gain muscle fast, feel better tomorrow all seem like the right idea. But, if I have learned anything over the years, it’s consistency is key. I might have found results in a crash diet (because truth be heard, a deficit is a deficit and deficits work) but I deprived myself of everything I craved for periods of time and eventually caved and binged. Which usually ended up leading me back to square one whether it was over a week or a month or two (because as much as a deficit works.. coming hot out of the gates not in a deficit also works haha!).

The repetitive cycle of on a diet off a diet just wasn’t for me and I came to a place where I just wanted to be healthy. Find a pace that works for you, set 1-2 easily obtainable goals per month, master those and move on to the next 1-2! Maybe you start with your favorite stress snack go to. Can you swap that out with a healthier alternative maybe 3-4 days a week? What about replacing it with something that’s not even a food? Sometimes we stress eat when we really need to go for a 10 minute walk and decompress. We grab the sweets instead of taking a quite bubble bath to calm our stressful thoughts. What about reading a book you’ve had on the shelf instead of bored snacking? Sometimes making progress is as simple as assessing our current habits, the triggers that lead to unhealthy decisions and finding a healthier action to take its place! Remember, you didn’t form these habits over night, you won’t replace these habits over night. Give yourself grace as you start to lay a healthy foundation with food and exercise, create healthy boundaries and set realistic goals. If you are ready to build healthy sustainable habits and you have some questions, click the link below to schedule your free nutrition intro!

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