It's Time To Invest In Your Fitness

Can I be honest with you for a second? I don’t like spending a lot of money. I’m pretty conservative when it comes to spending and my family lives on a budget. So when I decided six years ago to spend $150+ a month on a CrossFit membership I almost threw up. At the time I was single and living off of a part-time income…money was tight! But I knew that something had to change. I was extremely overweight, tired all the time, and depressed.

Maybe you find yourself in the same boat that I was in or one that looks eerily similar. You know something has to change but maybe it’s something you’ve never thought about before. Before you change your mindset on diet or working out you need to change your mindset on your overall health and how valuable it is to you. I think it’s fair to say that we would all “say” that our health is important to us…but is it really? Do you invest time and money into your health? Or does everything else get your time and money? For years I justified not trying CrossFit because “I didn’t have the money” when in all reality I did…I just spent my money on other places instead. My priorities were out of whack and I was investing in pleasure and convenience instead of my health life. Am I stepping on your toes yet?

Can I be honest with you about one more thing? For a majority of people, cheap gym memberships WILL NOT WORK. I know, because I had several. It was easy to put off going to the gym because it was only $20 a month. After all, I would spend $20 in a blink of an eye on the weekend at the movies or on two meals throughout the week. Monetarily I was not investing in my health and it showed. This is why when I began paying $150+ a month on a gym membership I felt it. All of a sudden it was very difficult for me to skip a day at the gym because now I was invested not just emotionally but with my money as well. I wanted to see results so I put my money where my mouth was…and really, I think you should too.

Moms and Dads, it’s time to invest in yourself. I know Christmas is right around the corner…but believe me, your kid would rather have you physically in their lives than more shiny toys. Don’t hear me say that if you choose Christmas gifts over a gym membership that you will roll over and die, but I hope you see what I’m saying. It’s okay if you cut back on a few Christmas gifts so that you can join a gym and meet the fitness goals you’ve been wanting for years. Don’t think of your gym membership as you just spending money, it’s time to think of it as an investment on your life. You are investing in years of health and wellness, years of being able to chase your kids around the yard, or finally run that 5k with your friends.

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