"I Can't Keep My Pants Up - Starting CrossFit, Getting Qaurantined, Seeing Results"

We love a good CrossFit testimonial story and that’s exactly what we have today. Matt’s story actually starts before quarantine. Here is why he started in his words:

"A couple months before i started CrossFit last October, I had gotten to a point where I was more overweight than I’d ever been in my life. I remember randomly hopping on a scale that we had in our bathroom and it saying 275. I refused to get back on. I was pissed. I was way beyond the point of, “Well I’m just tall, so I’m gonna weigh more.” That’s the last time I remember getting on a scale before CrossFit."

We remember that. His wife pretty much dragged him kicking and screaming to WOTOWN…actually she signed him up without telling him! Man, we are glad she did. The 5:30 am class sure is glad she did because Matt is our 5:30 am HYPE TRAIN! Who needs coffee when you have Matt? Matt began to see some great results and then quarantine happened. He admits that the first two weeks of quarantine he did absolutely nothing…a lot of us did the same. But then we started the QuaranTEAM Games and we instantly had the ultimate trash talker and meme monster in Matt.

"I’m competitive, so the QuaranTEAM games certainly helped, but at the end of the day what really drove me was refusing to come out of quarantine in worse shape than I was before it started. I just had to eliminate my own excuses that kept getting in my way.

Matt was an absolute leader on his team, along with Meghan Phillips (shout out District 4). Although they came up short in the games (shout out District 3) Matt achieved his ultimate goal:

"Fast forward to now, I’m down 38 lbs from that point so far and I literally can’t keep my pants up and these are pants I bought in September right before I started CrossFit. I’m 3 holes down on my belts from the hole I used to have to suck in to get in to.”

Matt, we are so proud of you. We would definitely like for you to keep wearing pants…but it may be time to get some new ones that fit! Thanks for being a leader at WOTOWN! At WOTOWN we pride ourself on creating a welcoming environment for all people…Matt is a big part of doing that in whatever class he is in.

Do you have a deep desire to lose weight, live a healthier life, have a better base for nutrition, or surround yourself with like minded positive people? We would love to talk to you in our free 15 minute No Sweat Intro. Book your's at www.wotown.fit/get-started


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