"Hey Mom, Is It Your Class or My Class Today?" - Fitness For The Whole Family

It is our mission at CrossFit WOTOWN to lead one thousand families to a healthy life. From day one we wanted to be a family gym. While we don't provide child care, we do offer a space for kids to hang out while their parents worked out. It was not uncommon during briefing for a workout to hear Baby Shark playing on an iPad or a little brother cry because his big sister took his toy. To some people that might be annoying, to us at WOTOWN we know it's a small price you pay for teaching your kid's a valuable lesson...their health and fitness matters.

Kiddos might start off watching iPad's or playing with toys but at some point they get intrigued with what Mom and Dad are doing on the other side of the kid area and they begin to watch. Next thing you know they are practicing burpees or trying to do a sit-up. Then you catch them at home trying to kick up on a wall and do that handstand thing they saw the other person at the gym doing.

When we saw stuff like this happening or heard parents tell us these stories we knew it was time to start a program for kids ages 6-12. We wanted to give them time to exercise and focus on their fitness. Our goal was simple, we want kids to fall in love with a life of fitness.

Below is an awesome story from one of our members who's oldest son is now in the WOTOWN KIDS Program.Ellis, 6, LOVES WOTOWN KIDS! Shelby is amazing with the kids! Every class I go to for myself he asks if it is “his class”. Since he started WOTOWN KIDS we have noticed him “coaching” his brothers, showing them his “muscles” and even making healthier choices on his own with snacks and drinking more water. He is picking up on names of movements and exercise is a daily conversation in the Coleman house. These classes have given him something to look forward to and are building healthy habits for the whole family!

As a mom, HE encourages ME to not only continue my health and wellness journey and work hard but to be a better example for all 3 of my boys! They watch me, they eat what I eat, they like what I like.Seeing Ellis’  face light up when he learns something new, does a push-up, or lunge the correct way makes me want to work harder!Maybe one day I will like burpees as much as him. (Or not) but until then he encourage me as much as I encourage them! 


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