Habit Over Motivation - How building a habit helped a new member stay committed to a new gym

Brittney’s journey to WOTOWN was a unique one. She joined the gym two weeks before we had to close our physical location from COVID-19. Our goal was to transition our entire gym to online coaching and we did just that. A long the way we lost a few members because of the craziness that was COVID-19 but over 90% of members stayed active and committed to working out at home (that’s why we believe WOTOWN is the best). Among the people that stayed active and committed was Brittney. If anyone had a pass to cancel or just put off exercise until things got back to normal it would be her. She didn’t know a lot of the people, to her WOTOWN was just a physical gym - gym culture didn’t mean anything to her…but she stayed. She embodied the values of WOTOWN of fitness, family, and fun. She was consistently in our 5:30pm Zoom class, she joined our ZOOM social events, and she joined a team for the QuaranTEAM Games. She stretched out of her comfort zone and became one of the most solid members during quarantine. We reached out to Brittney to see what motivated her to stick with something so new during the wildest time to date. Here was her response:

"My biggest motivation hmm... I thinkI would say my motivation was more habit based. Motivation can be fleeting but forming habits, like working out at the same time everyday, helps to keep you going even when you don’t want too. So, I made it my habit to make sure I did the workout at the same time each day at least 4-5 days each week so when the gym opened back up, it was a normal thing for me to go to class at 5:30. Motivation wise, I guess to maintain what fitness I had achieved and work on basic skills. I believe about 30 times, roughly 4-5 days each week.”

For someone so new to the WOTOWN culture she embodies everything we believe and are so glad she is a part of WOTOWN!

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