From Dream to Reality: How Warrior Got It's First CrossFit Gym

If you would have told me, four months ago, that my wife and I would be opening a CrossFit gym in the North Jefferson area, I would have laughed in your face or thought you were suggesting we would one day open a gym. Even as I type these words, it's wild to think about. In fact, last night, as my wife and I went to bed, we said to each other, “I can’t believe we own a gym!”

It’s not that we just own a gym. We are building a place we absolutely love. We already love our members and feel so invested in seeing each of them reach their fitness goals. CrossFit WOTOWN is already a dream come true, and we are only in the first month of being open. I know this may be the honeymoon phase. I’m not naive enough to know that we will not retain every member (We’re gonna stinking try though!), but we are so proud of WOTOWN and what it stands for. In fact, you can see what our gym values are here. One day, I’ll dive deeper into our values, but that’s a post for another day. The point of this one is to tell you fast WOTOWN came into existence and to honor the people who will forever have their handprint on the WOTOWN story.

In July, while on a beach vacation with my family, my wife (Erin) and I went on a lunch date. On this date, we began dreaming about our future, which led to conversations about opening a CrossFit gym. We decided to commit to prayer our desire to open a gym in the next five years near our home town. You read that right, five years. Not four months later!

When we got home, I spoke with my two closest friends and parents asking them to join us in praying. I then started making phone calls. First, I reached out to Jake Crandall, who I met this past summer at a church conference in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Jake is the owner and founder of Okie CrossFit. Knowing he owned a gym, I wanted to ask him about the first steps in opening my own as well as the upfront cost. That was my only two questions for a guy I’d met one time for 15 minutes. What happened next can only be described as God-Aligned; it’s crazy when God opens up doors. By the end of the conversation, I had a mentor, gym equipment, and someone helping me develop a strategy to find a location.

That was the first phone call.

The second phone call was all about location. I called a friend to check on spaces available in the Warrior area. Why Warrior? Well, Warrior is a unique hub that connects several growing communities: Morris, Kimberly, Hayden, and Corner. All of these areas are growing rapidly, thanks to amazing school systems, and Warrior is right smack dab in the middle of all of them with an eager mayor and an already built city infrastructure that would support innovation and growth. To put it plainly, big things are coming. WOTOWN IS THE BEST TOWN and now my wife and I were aware of a space under our budget located right beside the brand new elementary school being built. Just like that, we had a location.

One final conversation then provided a way for us to fully fund this God-size dream and make WOTOWN a reality. My wife and I were completely humbled after this conversation and full of faith. Three conversations in one week that moved this dream from step one to step one million.

From that moment on we have received nothing but support from friends, family, and the community. The response and interest in WOTOWN are more than Erin or I could have ever asked, dreamed, or imagined. We know that God’s hand is on this business, and we feel the weight of the responsibility that has been given to us. People are not just paying a membership fee to join a gym. They are asking us to help them achieve goals and improve their overall health and wellness. Behind every member is a story, a difficulty, hopes, and dreams, and we want to be a part of all of those things. This is not just another gym in a community. This is so much bigger than that. This is WOTOWN!


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