Everyday I Come To The Gym Is How I Fight For My Life

It all started on 5/24/19, I had a heart attack, once stabilized the following day they ran tests and determined that of the main arteries of my heart the one that was working the best was still 87% blocked. That meant I had to have emergency heart surgery. So on 5/26/19 I underwent emergency quadruple bypass surgery to correct the blockages in the arteries. Unfortunately the damage to my heart could not all be corrected by the surgery. The stress of the heart attack along with the scar tissue left by it has caused permanent damage. So now I am in a fight every day- fighting to keep my heart from deteriorating further and fighting the side affects from the daily medication I have to take to stabilize my heart. I’m daily fighting what they call congestive heart failure, and one of the way’s I am fighting is by working out 3 to 4 times a week at WOTOWN.   

When I first started my first impression was can I do this now? After my heart attack could I keep up with these athletes I see killing it every day in the gym? Am I in good enough shape to be apart of this gym and not embarrass myself in front of its members? I just kept showing up and doing the best I could. I now know, that its not about what you can do, whether it be how fast you run, how much weight you lift, etc, its about simply just trying and doing and to keep trying and keep doing a little more each time. No matter what level you are at everyone is supportive and the coaches help give you the best workout for you personally. Once I understood that, it made it easy to just give a little more each day at the gym. Recently I celebrated finishing my 100th workout at the gym and joining the WOTOWN 100 Club (something I didn’t think was possible when I first started).

   I now have new goals. I am working on pulmonary issues, along with mobility and strength in my upper body. It’s great to reach goals and then set new ones. My words for anyone on the fence is to embrace the people, they are there for support. Trust me, I’m an introvert!

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