Do You Need To Train Like A CrossFit Games Athlete To Get Fit?

Written By: Tres Kennedy, Owner CrossFit WOTOWN

The CrossFit Games are just around the corner. As a fan of the sport - I am pumped. As a gym owner - I’m a little hesitant.

The Games are very entertaining and a spectacle of human performance. The men and women who compete at the CrossFit Games are the fittest of the fit. When I first started CrossFit Rich Froning was the poster child for the Games. The first time I watched him compete I instantly became a fan. I scoured YouTube to watch any and everything on Froning. I watched every Behind the Scenes documentary and Road to the Games because I was hooked. Yes, it made me want to work out even more and I feel like The Games grew the sport of CrossFit.

At the same time, when I sit down for No Sweat Intro’s with client prospects a common phrase is used, “I can’t do the stuff I see on tv” (meaning the CrossFit Games). I typically smile because I know what they mean. The majority of us can’t do what the 1% of professional CrossFit athletes can do…but it doesn’t mean we can’t do CrossFit to attain a level of fitness.

I spent a year of my life around top level professional CrossFit athletes while I worked in marketing for a major brand in the CrossFit space. I filmed them working out, interviewed them for social media, etc…I know what it takes to train like a CrossFit Games athlete. The only reason one would need to train for that many hours in a day would be if their goal was to try and go to the CrossFit Games.

At WOTOWN we are helping the everyday person train to live their everyday life. Our program is designed to help people of all fitness levels create a habit of exercise and nutrition that moves them to their goals. In our group classes we program workouts for an hour of someone’s time. We warm up the body parts we are going to use, we coach form and technique (so you don’t feel like a spaz and/or you have the right modifications for your level of fitness), then we go into workouts that vary in time domains from 8 minutes - 35 minutes. We change up the intensity levels and time domains on a daily basis so you don’t plateau or get bored. Our main focus is to help you develop a lifestyle of fitness that translates over into things you do outside the gym - coach your kid’s ball team, chase kids around, go on a hike, play golf, etc).

You should exercise 3/4 days a week for an hour so that you enjoy the other things you do with your life at an optimal level. You can achieve high levels of fitness doing our group classes 3/4 days a week. You can develop the strength to do your first pull-up or push-up, run a 5k, hit a personal record on a deadlift or front squat. Our programming is designed to increase your fitness. This is why we take 3 months out of the year to retest certain workouts to see improvements in your fitness levels.

Is it your goal to learn how to do a pull-up or muscle up? Are you tired of tripping up on double unders with your jump rope? You don’t have to train like a Games athlete (4/6 hours per day) in order to get these skills. Our coaches want to help you get those things. You can book one off Personal Training sessions to focus on certain skills. With Personal Training we can create custom plans to reach those skill goals that you are wanting. You can book a check in with me to discuss what PT session plan would work best for you.

Let’s be honest, none of us have the time for 6 hour training sessions…nor do we need to train for that long, unless it’s your goal to be a CrossFit Games Athlete. If that’s your goal, great. We can work on a path forward for that. But if you’re goal is to be the fittest version of you at home and for your job then our program will get you plenty fit for that!


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