A Resource Guide For Coronavirus

COVID-19 has thrown us all for a loop. Our normal routines and schedules have been thrown out of whack. Some of us became teachers for our children. Some of us lost our jobs. A LOT has happened…and more than likely if we had a plan with our fitness it fell by the way side. If we didn’t have a plan then we went further down the rabbit hole with stress eating/snacking, binge watching, and irregular sleep patterns. We have been collecting data from people of all walks of life. We have simply asked, “what’s keeping you from working out?” and “Can we help”? The answers have been raw, honest, and valid. Some of the replies we had solutions for, others we had to seek some professional help. Below is a list of blog posts and video interviews that we created to help solve this problems. It is our goal to remove as many obstacles as possible to put you on or keep you on a path of health and wellness. We hope these resources help clear a path, calm your nerves, and give you all the tools you need to keep moving towards a life of fitness.

Tips For Teaching Your Kids at Home

Why Sleep Is Important For Your Mental Health

What To Focus On While Working Out At Home 

Tips To Start Running and Improve

Creating Healthy Nutrition Habits For You and Your Kids


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