By: Michelle Key, WOTOWN Nutrition Coach

It’s finally Summer! The kids are out of school- it’s time to hit the pool, go to the lake or maybe even take a trip to the beach! Summer signals a break for most, a time to kick back and relax! While resting and relaxing are much needed, sometimes it leads to us taking a physical and mental break from our nutritional habits as well. It becomes easier to just grab food on the go or get something to eat wherever you end up. More times than not, we will choose easy and unhealthy options in these situations due to convenience. We slowly begin to unravel our habits that we have worked so hard to establish the rest of the year. And, truth be told we will have to work hard to re-establish those habits once the normal routine of life is back! We want to help you create a plan to keep your nutrition habits going this summer while you are on the go!

5 Summer nutrition hacks:

1. Stay hydrated! Keep a large refillable water jug with you that you can fill up before you leave home. Or a small cooler stocked with cold waters in your car especially for the drive to vacation destinations! Most adults need around 2-3 Liters daily, make sure to drink a little extra every hour that you sweat! (Aim for 1 extra cup per hour of sweating!)

2. Plan snacks that you can throw into your cooler, beach bag or just grab when heading out the door for the day for easy healthy snacking! (dried fruit, mixed nuts, air popped sea salt popcorn, fruit that doesn’t need to stay cold are easy packable items!)

3. Plan meals out ahead of time. Going to a grill out and you’re in charge of the sides? Can you take fresh veggies to throw on the grill with the burgers? Or maybe a big mixed salad with fresh veggies? Going out of town? Check out local restaurants around where you will be staying and go ahead and look at the menus before you go! That way you can have a game plan for when you go eat!

4. Schedule a grocery pick up that you can get once to your location! Meal plan for simple breakfast, lunch and/or dinner ideas that can be prepped for a few days at a time (Over night oats, energy balls, fresh fruit/veggies that are already cut/prepped and ready to go, frozen veggies to have on hand for quick dinner sides!).

5. Set realistic expectations. Look, your summer schedule is full. There are camps, cookouts, baseball tournaments, family get togethers and vacations. Plan for meals that incorporate fresh whole foods as much as possible, but don’t spend your whole summer saying “no” to everything either! Allow yourself to eat ice cream here and there, maybe even eat a hot dog at the cookout. Whatever you say yes to is a no somewhere else (both healthy and unhealthy), just say yes more to healthy choices more than you say yes to unhealthy choices! Enjoy your summer!

If you’re not sure where to start with nutrition habits, book a free nutrition intro today! We would love to help you on your nutrition journey! www.Wotown.fit/nutrition


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