10 Best Gifts for Your CrossFitter 2019

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

So someone that is important to you has recently started CrossFit or you are just looking for something to get your CrossFitting family member for Christmas? We know this can be difficult so we have compiled a list of the ten best gifts to get them along with a brief explanation of what exactly you are getting them.

Wrist Wraps- this little item is a must-have for anyone who does CrossFit long term. It is the gift that keeps giving for years to come. If you buy the right wrist wraps you can use the same pair (as long as you wash them) for years to come. The price point for this item is not bad at all, You can get a pair anywhere from $10-$30. Below is the basic pair and then an option for someone who may have a little more flair.

Rogue Wrist Wraps $12

Tuff Wraps $24

Knee Sleeves- knee sleeves are something you don’t think much about until you actually have them. Once you have a pair you are thankful that you have them on a certain workout. Although you may not think they are the best gift, a CrossFitter will greatly appreciate them. They are a little more pricey, but the look on your loved one’s face when they open the gift will be priceless. (Btw, we recommend the 7mm sleeves)

Rehband Knee Sleeve $44 per sleeve

Protein- this is a great item to have after a workout. It helps with muscle recovery and soreness. Protein also is a great source of nutrition and a tasty snack in the middle of the day. We sell top of the line protein at WOTOWN. You can come to our location or email us at info@wotown.fit to order some.

Protein- $40

Reebok Nanos- shoes are always a great option. People ask us all the time what sort of shoes they should get and we tell them to come consistently for a few months before they get CrossFit shoes. Well…your loved one has been coming consistently for a few months, it’s time to reward them with a pair of shoes. Reebok and CrossFit have worked hand in hand for several years, and our biased opinion, we believe they make the best shoe for CrossFit. They are always running deals on Reebok Nanos (the shoe you want to get them).

Reebok Nanos $50-$120

RX Smart Gear Jump Rope- no…it’s not your child asking for a jump rope this Christmas. This year you are getting a grown-up, whom you love, a jump rope. Having a good jump rope at the gym will really work wonders as someone tries to get double and triple unders. The initial investment on an RX Smart Gear rope is a little high but once you have the jump rope handles you can buy replacement ropes for super cheap which means you will have this jump rope for a very long time. We recommend the elite or hyper cable weight.

Original RX Rope $46.95

Blender Bottle- a blender bottle is a great stocking stuffer. These are perfect to mix protein or other supplements in before or after a workout. A blender bottle is the cherry on top for your fitness family member. They can even throw a WOTOWN sticker on it!

Blender Bottle $7-$12

Kill Cliff Recovery Drinks- nobody is killing anybody this Christmas. This is the perfect stocking stuffer whether it be one can or three cans…you’re loved one will know that you really put some effort into their newfound obsession if they open up a gift of Kill Cliff’s. You can buy as many cans as you would like at WOTOWN during business hours or email us at info@wotown.fit and we will set up a time for you to pick up their favorite flavor!

Kill Cliff Recovery $3-$12

WOTOWN Gift Card- we sell recovery drinks, protein, and apparel at WOTOWN that more than likely your loved one will want or is already spending money on. This is an easy way for you get them something you know they will want. Send an email to us at info@wotown.fit and we will send you a cool gift card image for you to print for them.

Gift Card $10-$100

Gymnastic Grips- at some point in time you may see your friend or family member post a picture of their bloody hands…no I’m not British…I mean they will post a picture of their hands actually bleeding. We don’t know why, but it’s a thing. You can prevent this from happening by buying them a pair of gymnastic grips that they can wear while doing pull-ups or muscle-ups. The grips help keep their hands from ripping opening. These are the two pair that we recommend.

Rogue Grips $18

Bear Komplex Grips $49.99

1 Month Membership at WOTOWN- Do you really want to see your loved one’s eyes light up this Christmas? Give them a month at CrossFit WOTOWN. Forget a Super Nintendo and Tickle Me Elmo…this is the gift of all gifts. You can email us at info@wotown.fit to pay for a month of their membership and we will send you a pretty awesome gift card for you to print off to give them.

1 Month Membership $100-$155


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