Includes: Unlimited access to the gym. Customized nutrition, coaching, and community building in our Private Facebook Group. No contracts signed. Let us do the hard work to prove we are worth coming back again next month.



Do you have a fast pace life with an uncertain schedule? Or does our unlimited price make you feel uneasy right now because you don’t know if CrossFit is for you? We have you covered! Our Limited Punchcard Plan allows you to work out 9 times in the month.




(3) 1 on 1 training sessions to prepare you for group classes and set you up with the tools to succeed in the gym. This also covers your membership for the remainder of the month. At the end of the month, you and a coach will decide which membership package works best for you.


*Foundations is required for anyone with less than 3 months of CrossFit experience.


We help people look and feel their best with our proven workout and nutrition programs. If you’re tired of wasting time in the gym, you’ve come to the right place.




We want you to rethink everything you might know about fitness. Our workouts are planned in advance with the focus of keeping members fit for life. We program our workouts for decades of fitness, not just right here, right now. This is a long game.


The environment you train in is important. Joining a community of like-minded people will keep you on track when things get hard. We are here to keep you accountable and support you in your goals inside and outside of the gym…because that’s what family does!


We believe that the best workout program is one that you will actually stick with. That’s why we try to make each workout the best hour of your day.