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Tres and Erin have been a part of the North Jefferson Community for their entire lives. Tres discovered CrossFit seven years ago and it changed his life. He saw what accountability and personal coaching can do for someone first hand. Erin has been coaching CrossFit for three years and is passionate about helping people understand what foods best fuel their bodies for their lifestyle through nutrition coaching. Together they opened up CrossFit WOTOWN with the mindset of leading 1,000 families in the North Jefferson area to a healthy life. They are passionate about seeing kids, teenagers, and adults live the healthiest life they can both physically and mentally; and have built an expert team of coaches to help each member set goals and measure results.

Erin & Tres kennedy

Erin Kennedy

Head Coach, CrossFit Level 1, Precision Nutrition Level 1, Personal Training, Nutrition Coach

Meghan Phillips

CrossFit Level 1, Group Classes, Beginner's Personal Training

Jonathan Fox

CrossFit Level 1, Group Classes, Personal Training

Preslie Riddlesperger


CrossFit Level 1, Personal Training, Foundations Classes, Group Classes

Tres Kennedy

CrossFit Level 1, Personal Training, Kids Coach, Teens Coach, Group Classes

Katie King

CrossFit Level 1, Postpartum Personal Training, Group Classes

Brittany Melvin


CrossFit Level 1, Group Classes, Beginner's Personal Training

Shelby Maze

CrossFit Level 1, Kids Head Coach, Teen Personal Training, Group Classes

Chris Huff

CrossFit Level 1, Teen Personal Training, Teens Coach, Group Classes

Michelle Key


Precision Nutrition Level 1, Nutrition Coach

Kandace Brown



Client Success Manager